4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work Life Balance 640x600 - 4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance
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4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance

Being an entrepreneur or CEO of a startup can be a full-time responsibility. It takes up almost every waking hour of your day and sometimes you need to work even after that. It can become difficult to make time for other things and it is very easy to fall into the trap of getting lostRead More

4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time 640x600 - 4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time
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4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time

So, your startup is growing. That’s great! That’s fantastic. But now you have to start growing with it and start hiring some employees to help carry the load. Oh, but where to start? Hiring employees can be a bit of a daunting and time-consuming process, but a necessary one none-the-less. By using our easy-to-follow guideRead More

4 Easy Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs to Start Marketing Their Startup Effectively 640x600 - 4 Easy Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs to Start Marketing Their Startup Effectively
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4 Easy Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs to Start Marketing Their Startup Effectively

As we have mentioned a couple of times, marketing is one of the key elements when it comes to the success or failure of a startup company. Knowing who your customers are and how you can reach them is important in selling your product or service to the people who would want to buy it.Read More

Marketing 101 640x600 - Marketing 101: The Basics of Creating Your Own Successful Marketing Strategy for Your Startup
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Marketing 101: The Basics of Creating Your Own Successful Marketing Strategy for Your Startup

Let’s face it, marketing plays a big roll in the success of your small business. Of course, you need to do some market research and work on other aspects too, but having an effective marketing strategy in place will set you apart from competitors and get your product or service right in front of yourRead More

Top 4 Startup Tips to Live By 640x600 - Top 4 Startup Tips to Live By
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Top 4 Startup Tips to Live By

If you are an entrepreneur running your own startup or business, you should know that it is a bit of a juggle to keep everything, as well as yourself, afloat. Keeping up with finances, ensuring your marketing is done and that you are attracting enough clients, making sure that you make a profit and thatRead More

4 Interesting Facts About Startups Every Entrepreneur Should Know 640x600 - 4 Interesting Facts About Startups Every Entrepreneur Should Know
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4 Interesting Facts About Startups Every Entrepreneur Should Know

As an entrepreneur, having a sense of what the stats say about small businesses and startups is important. It is also important to keep improving your general knowledge and focus on personal growth while running your own business. Juggling all these things and a balanced life can be a bit difficult, though. And, somewhere inRead More

Business 101 640x600 - Business 101: Complete Step-by-Step Programme on How to Start Your Own Business
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Business 101: Complete Step-by-Step Programme on How to Start Your Own Business

Are you in two minds whether you should or not jump in at the deep end and start your own business? Do you feel like you don’t have the skills or know-how to and you feel somewhat intimidated? Starting your own business for the first time can be daunting and stressful. The security of earningRead More


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Improving Workplace Productivity – The Team Building Event Dilemma

101 team players productivity - Improving Workplace Productivity – The Team Building Event Dilemma

Improve workplace morale can be achieved in a number of ways one of the best ways to do it is by utilising a more innovative framework for your business. Don’t worry you don’t have to design this yourself you can adopt an already built framework like the one on offer from https://just3things.com.

This is a great way to get your business an innovative more free framework quickly. But while an innovative framework is one of the best ways to ensure your team feels empowered and productive that alone might not always be enough. That’s when team building exercises can help give your team a boost in both morale and productivity.

However, team building exercises can backfire and don’t be surprised if there is some resistance at first. Team building exercises don’t always have the best reputation but when you take the time to plan one properly or ensure you are hiring professionals who can achieve what you want they can actually do a lot of good.

Team building exercises can be a great way to improve productivity in the workplace although don’t be surprised if many people aren’t overjoyed with the idea at first. But setting up an effective team building event isn’t easy and the reason they have such a negative reception is because many people simply don’t think them through which means people just find them a waste of time.

You can’t just do a few team building games and then expect your team to suddenly feel more empowered and productive in the workplace. That’s just not how things work, but I can help let’s look at everything you need to consider when setting up a team building exercise for your employees.

Should You Do It or Should You Hire Someone?

As the team leader/ manager you are in a good position to lead any team exercise yourself after all you should know your team better than anyone. However, while this might be true it doesn’t always mean you’ll be the best person for the job.

It does require experience to run a team exercise professionally and while you might be able to “wing it” and could even end up doing a good job for many people the better choice will be hiring a professional. If you work for a larger business you might even have someone on staff who can run it for you.

However, while many people will hire a professional to lead their team exercises you should make sure you outline to them exactly what you want to achieve. Explain how you want to highlight productivity and foster a stronger working relationship with your staff and don’t be afraid to share any ideas you have with them.

They’ll then be able to design a more efficient team working activity for your staff. Another great benefit to hiring an outside professional is that you’ll be able to take part in the event as well. Which yes you really should do.

How Long Should It Be?

Typically a team building exercise shouldn’t drag on, even people who are enjoying it likely won’t want to do it all day. Usually, a couple of hours is the best timeframe to have maybe three or four at a maximum and this includes a coffee break for everyone. That way you’ll be able to include some different activities, discussions, and feedback without running the risk of things dragging on and getting boring.

Should They Be Annual Events?

Team building exercises, when they are done well can be very effect annual events that your team might actually look forward to! However, you’ll need to make sure each event is different and doesn’t repeat too much otherwise your employees might start to feel they are wasting their time and it could actually weaken morale and productivity.

So, if you do want to hold them annually try to use the same people or team if you’re hiring out and ensure each session is different. As for how regular they should be one good approach is to adopt a quarterly approach with one session every four months. On the other hand, you could instead plan your team building exercises if you notice a drop in your team’s productivity or morale.

Don’t Make It Embarrassing

One of the main reasons many people dislike (or even outright hate) team building exercises is because they find them embarrassing. I’ve experienced some of these my self-being asked to sing or act out something in front of your colleagues is not something many people will enjoy.

I’ am sure some people don’t mind it but the majority of people will not enjoy these kinds of activities and it will be sure to affect their morale and productivity afterward. They’ll end up leaving the team building feeling worse and that is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve.

Any games or activities should be fun but you should try to avoid pushing things too far whenever possible. Make sure there is a discussion aspect to everything as well and get involved yourself even if you are leading the exercise you should still take part in any activities whenever you can.

Ask For Feedback

This is very important and it doesn’t matter if you’re running the exercises yourself or hiring out. You should always ask for feedback and ensure that it’s honest there are a number of ways you can do this but one method I’d avoid is asking everyone to share their feedback together in an open discussion as people are less likely to share negative opinions this way.

Ask them one by one (if you have time) or have a feedback sheet at the ready that people can fill out. You could also email everyone on your team and ask them how they thought the event was afterwards as well. Whatever your feedback is take it onboard for the future.

While not everyone will love team building events and exercises they can be incredibly beneficial. Just make sure you don’t rush into anything and plan the event carefully because that way you can ensure it’s a success and actually improves your employee’s morale and productivity.


How to Resolve Audio Problems in Windows 10

img 5b293541e99ee - How to Resolve Audio Problems in Windows 10

Windows 10 has gained momentum and is running in seven hundred million machines – as per statistics provided by its designer and owner label, Microsoft.

This is an operating system that is depicted as a service due to its constant updates to its operationality and traits. Businesses can use it to obtain non-necessary updates at a slower rate so their functionality isn’t disrupted. Terry Myerson, the Executive Vice President, of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, stated that the objective of Windows 10 is to minimise fragmentation over all Windows related platforms.

The best part about Windows 10 is that it has been developed to embrace all sorts of technical devices, similar to a one stop shop system for tablets, personal laptops, desktops and mobile phones. With its Continuum feature, Windows will immediately identify the kind of device you are on and decide the best kind of display to provide you with.

For instance, if you connect an external keyboard to your personal tablet, Continuum will recognise the variation and move its display to Tablet Mode so you can have an optimised experience. When you decide to remove the keyboard, the feature will let the display change back to Desktop mode, being an easy and smooth change. Awesome, is it not? This really worked with the Surface book’s launch as it is can be used as both a laptop and a tablet.

Another reason to fall in love with Microsoft Windows 10 is its virtual desktop option. It will let you boost your work productivity exponentially as you can have virtual desktops to differentiate your work projects. Also, let us not forget its Snap assist characteristic that is an easy, user friendly trait installed in Windows that allows you a lot more convenience. There is another small yet vital feature that will smoothen your interaction with your machine: you can scroll down and through different windows even if you’re not focusing your entire attention on them.

The tech giant has enabled its end users easy fixing Windows 10 no sound and audio issues within the said operating system by themselves by launching their first laptop, known as the Surface Book.

Regardless, as within all operating systems, there are variations between the external hardware and the Windows 10 software itself, therefore it is understandable that issues will come up in terms of video and audio programs.

Microsoft is super helpful and has provided a bunch of videos on its Youtube page and website to help us resolve such issues. Here’s how you can fix any audio problems just by using basic tools:

Fixing audio problems in Windows 10 with the help of basic steps:

As the first and foremost step to resolve audio related issues in the Windows 10 operating system, check your speakers and headphone linkages. See if any audio cable is loosely connected or is inserted in an incorrect jack.

The next thing you may want to consider doing is to check the sound levels of your volume of your external speakers. They could be the reason you’re researching ways to fix audio problems and are on this article right now!

Applying Device Manager to resolve audio errors in Windows 10

As stated earlier, you could be experiencing audio issues due to a myriad of factors, such as driver problems. You will need to check the quality of your sound card to see if it is operational and in sync with the updated drivers.

Click on the Start bar and type in Device Manager in the search area. Launch it from the list of search results that appear, locate your sound card and press the Driver tab.

Here, you will see an Update Driver option. Click on it and let Windows scan the internet for any sound driver updates that will be compatible with your personal machine. If this option doesn’t work out, then do not worry- we have your back! Just look for the relevant sound drivers on your personal computer producer’s website.

Applying the Windows 10 troubleshooter to solve sound issues

If all the above fails, don’t lose hope. You will be able to watch your favorite television show or movie very soon! Right click on the Sound icon in your task bar and launch the Troubleshooter Sound Problems option.

Default Playback Device to fix audio issues in Windows 10

You might face problems and audio errors whilst using HDMI or USB options because you may have not set the external devices as default.

In order to fix audio and sound problems in the Windows 10 operating system using the default device button, all you have to do is launch Start and enter the term Sound. Click on the right result and choose the Playback tab. Find the device that you are wanting to fix and press Set Default. Is it working? Yes? Great!

Resolve Windows 10 sound problems by selecting the right audio playback option

In order for you to select the default playback option under Windows 10, take your cursor to the bottom left of your screen towards your Start bar. Type in the term Sound in the search area and choose the result with the same name. Select the Playback tab. Now, choose your default device, give it a right click and press on the Properties option. Here, under the Advanced option, under default format, you will want to modify the settings and press the Test option. Play around with the buttons and see what you can get to work as per your requirements.

We truly believe that you have solved any issue you faced as this is a comprehensive list of possible audio related problems. Hopefully, our tips and tricks have helped you out and will let you enjoy your sound and audio experience. If the problems do remain, then you may want to consider contacting a sound professional to help you out as soon as possible. We know you got this covered! Best of luck!

Finding finance for your business – without the need for investors

assets images site sb lending quiz module quiz coffeeshopguy 1800x840 CSX9a5accdd 1170x600 - Finding finance for your business – without the need for investors

The idea behind starting up your own business is likely to be an exciting one – breaking away from the 9am to 5pm routine can be a thrill, even if it does mean your days will become 8am-10pm instead!

It’s often less of a thrill to think about finding investment though – you’re bringing someone into your business who might not know you – and might not share the same hopes and dreams you have for your new venture.

The good news is, whether your a small company that offers commercial cleaning services in Glasgow or a new online retailer there are lots of alternative ways of finding captial.

We’ll walk you through the most common options, as well pointing out some pros and cons of each.

Bank finance

Despite issues that still hangover from the 2008 banking crisis, banks are normally the number one source of new business finance.

Be warned though, banks won’t just lend to any new startup business – they’ll want to see a detailed business plan before they even consider issuing any credit facilities. There are a host of business plan formats available – and banks will sometimes even issue their own to ensure you’re providing all the relevant information.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re applying for bank finance with an untested business model – the bank might insist on credit checks for all the company directors involved. Although setting up a limited company won’t impact your personal finances, consulting with credit referencing agencies does give the bank an indication of your financial conduct.

Assuming the bank is happy extending credit – it will normally come in the form of two products – a loan or an overdraft.

A business loan will normally be offered over anything from 2 to 10 years. Typically, loans will either track the current base rate – or be a fixed rate. Fixed rate products are often favoured as it offers your business a predictable monthly sum that will be repaid – and, assuming this payment is adhered to, a predictable timescale in which your company will be free from debt.

On the other hand, a business overdraft is seen as a slightly more flexible solution. Rather than taking a chunk of money upfront, you need only borrow what you require – and since you only borrow what you need, you only pay interest on what you need. This flexibility isn’t without risk though – with no contracted repayment schedule you bank can potentially withdraw the facility at any time – meaning a loan can often be a more dependable option.

Finance from friends and family

Although the old adage claims you should never mix business with pleasure – research conducted early in 2017 found that over 60% of new small businesses relied on finance from friends or family to get themselves out of the starting blocks.

There are some significant advantages that go with borrowing money from your nearest and dearest – not least the interest rates that are typically charged – often 0% – with just the understanding that money will be returned in due course.

It’s not only favourable rates that make borrowing from family so attractive though, where with a bank you’re expected to submit detailed plans and can expect credit checks, family and friends are far more likely to lend based on existing trust, both in your creditworthiness and your business plans.

While borrowing from people you know is likely to offer some significant advantages over using a bank, it is important that you borrow on a completely understood and transparent basis. You might be told ‘not to worry’ about creating a payment schedule or putting pen to paper with the conditions of the loan – but without this, unforeseen disputes can become tricky – with the truth around the initial arrangement becoming confused or twisted.

Insisting on some formality keeps everyone protected – and avoids any unexpected claim for part of the business when you start making your millions!

Peer to peer and crowdfunding

Websites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Crowdfunder have seen an explosion in the popularity of peer-to-peer financing. The criteria of whether or not you can apply for funding differs from site to site – but generally speaking, virtually any company can look for funding this way.

Like borrowing from friends or family – you have the advantage of not having to go through the sometimes-arduous process of dealing with a bank – however, that’s not to say that you won’t be free from charges. The most popular websites that facilitate peer-to-peer funding charge anywhere between 4% and 7% of the money raised – which can be a sting if you haven’t accounted for it from the very beginning.

Repayment of peer-to-peer lending also depends on the type of site you’re using. On occasion, you may be able to avoid repayment altogether (and in a perfectly ethical way!) by offering the lenders a product or service in return for their investment. If instead your lenders will be expecting a return on their cash – the rates are traditionally very low.

Government grants and loans

While he idea of ‘free’ money from the government might seem completely alien – there are many of these grants available, servicing different niches in the market.

Although, if you think the process of applying for a grant or a low-cost loan is going to be easy – you’ve got another thing coming! Grants do not have to be paid back – but you can expect an extremely long process before you see any cash – and in some instances, a wait that can go on for months.

The application for both a grant and a loan is likely to involve an extremely in-depth business plan being required – so if you’re going to look toward the government for some capital, you’re also going to need to dedicate a lot of time to seeing the process through properly.

Finding government grants and loans is typically a lot easier if you’re younger – with numerous initiatives in place to ensure 18-30-year olds are given every opportunity to launch their small business with the maximum amount of support. It’s not easy working out what you’re entitled to apply for though – so if you’re not sure, consider using an online service or consulting the .Gov website to begin your search.

4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance

4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work Life Balance 800x600 - 4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance

Being an entrepreneur or CEO of a startup can be a full-time responsibility. It takes up almost every waking hour of your day and sometimes you need to work even after that. It can become difficult to make time for other things and it is very easy to fall into the trap of getting lost in the business. We’re not implying that you shouldn’t pay attention to your company, what we are saying is that you should make time for other things, where possible.

In this article, we will provide you with 4 essential tips on how you can start maintaining a work-life balance easily, by working smarter and not harder. Let’s get started.


1. Know where to draw the line

Know where to draw the line - 4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance
Remember, if you have a family, or even if you don’t, you should know when it is time for work and when is it time for anything else. If you are constantly worrying about the company when you are out with friends or supposed to spend quality time with the kids, you will never truly lead a normal life where you can relax and take a breath every now and then. Switch off your phone or tablet when you are supposed to spend some time with your family or friends and be in the moment.


2. Work with a Roster

Work with a Roster - 4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance
If you keep a calendar of everything you have to do, at home or the office, you should be able to manage your time just a little bit better and breathe a bit easier too. Prioritize important meetings, events, or tasks, and get them done on time. If you stick to a schedule, you should be able to work through everything and still have time to spare.


3. Pass the Buck

Pass the Buck - 4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance
Not in the sense of putting blame on someone else, but rather in the sense of handing over theresponsibilityfor certain tasks. If you are a control freak and you want to be on top of things 24/7, that won’t work and you will never be able to catch a break or rest a bit. If you have a loyal right-hand man (or woman) you can trust, give certain tasks to them, which will free up some time for you and allow you to focus on more important projects.


4. Take a Time-Out

Take a Time Out - 4 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Maintain Work-Life Balance
In order for you to remain sane, you are going to have to make time for yourself. Not for family, not for friends, but for you. If you like reading, make time to read, if you like hiking, go hiking once a week, if you like sports and exercise, take some time and do it. If you don’t allow yourself some time to do other things that you love, you will put yourself at risk of burn-out.

Remember, in order for you to have a good work-life balance, you need to make an effort to make it a reality, it will not happen naturally. By implementing certain changes and tactics, you will be able to have a healthier, more balanced lifestyle while running a successful startup. For some more entrepreneurial inspiration, read this insightful article.

How Technology Transforms Your Customer Service Experience

internet browsing 750 - How Technology Transforms Your Customer Service Experience

In order to authentically reconstruct and step up the game of your customer services, you should contemplate and recognize the role that technology plays in advancing your business.  And according to IT services companies like Prosyn more companies needs to replace the outdated processes with newly invented mechanisms and practices that incorporate marketing efforts, sales and services.


It is often said “when the customer comes first, the customer will last”. Customer service is a diverse process implemented in order to achieve customer satisfaction and cushion their expectations by all means, keeping the capacity, proficiency, resources and aptitude of the company in consideration.

It is an end to end process which starts as soon as the customer buys your product and lasts till the productivity of the product or till the contract lasts or till the end of product’s life cycle. Therefore, this concept of customer service is the one most widely adopted by companies worldwide.


Until recently, providing flawless customer service was a monumental challenge for businesses. This is due to limitations in the technology was available in efficiency, connectivity, facilitation and enhanced productivity.

It is imperative that if the companies genuinely want to flourish, they will need to work towards the success of the customer.

In the past, companies were unaware and naïve as far as customer services were concerned. They would remain disconnected from the product as well as the customers. But now with the advancements and progressions in the field of technology, it has become a piece of cake to stay connected with the customer as businesses have access to all sorts of information and they stay conscious of how the product is being used or what is the performance of the product in return.

Now, the companies do not only tend to manufacture, market, auction and ship. But they provide lifelong services to operate, optimize, troubleshoot and obtain better end results as well.

Maintaining a happy customer comes with the biggest and the most benefitting options and can win you a clear competitive advantage. In order to achieve customer retention, it is vital for a business owner to understand the requirements of changing technologies that may cater to customer needs, the need to tailor new business processes and in the end work towards the enhancement of your business.


Following are some basic ways of how information technology is helping commercial ventures to upgrade their customer services and providing a next level of ease to them to gain their loyalty.

Websites: One immediately looks for a business’s website if ever they come across a hiccup in operating the product. This aspect also has been made easier by the implementation of certain information technology techniques. Like constructing such efficient websites that all the firsthand information is present on their website. From having a designated portion of FAQs to sections how to troubleshoot if encountered by a technical glitch.

Email: Emails have gained immense popularity in the world of customer services. This provides an immediate support system when a complaint is registered by the client by either responding back through the email only or as per the requirement of the encountered issue.

Communications: Keeping all forms of communications in sync in order to be aware of the complaints launched by a customer via different mediums. This involves all communication channels such as email, phone calls, and physical complaints at the office etc.

Support through software: There are several customer relationship software’s out there that omit the gaps between the business owner and the customer due to immediate access to the data and other information. Customer relationship management software is one such of its kind.


The goal of your business in terms of customer services is to attain loyalty, which you can accomplish only by providing untiring support, quality products and convenient services to the customers.

As technology is advancing every single day, so are the dynamics of customer service. The channels of information technology through which businesses can keep track of their customer needs have drastically evolved; some of them are defined below:

Data management and analytics: Information technology has progressed to the extent that customer’s data is readily available and just a click away. It can be analyzed by business owners to study and understand their preferences.

Automation: Besides having several other advantages of information technology, automation is something that has made life easier. It has decreased the requirement of man power as well as has intensified and escalated the rate of efficiency to streamline and automate business processes to cater the needs of a customer. This results in drastic cost reduction and better end results.

Common use of self- service optimization: Whenever a customer encounters a problem, his first reaction is to call or contact you one way or the other, but at times, it’s just a matter of impatience or fear of things going beyond control. As some of the issues can be taken cared without the intervention of your company, it is important if you educate your customer on how to utilize your user friendly and accessible IVR- a call back service from a live agent after receiving a complaint, user manuals or FAQs sections.

Workforce effectiveness: There are several ways being invented to gear up your staff to make use of technology and serve your customer in better ways by giving out trainings and conducting seminars etc.

Social Media Presence: Social media is the best thing that has happened to the business world, or is it? It depends on how you choose to use it. It has actually given you a super cost-effective way of keeping in direct touch you’re your client on a 24//7 basis. If there is any maintenance downtime on your products, inform your entire client base with one published post. Not only that, a strong social media presence allows you to engage with your customer and share relevant information via blog posts, how to guides and videos, webinars, podcasts and info graphics.

4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time

4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time 800x600 - 4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time

So, your startup is growing. That’s great! That’s fantastic. But now you have to start growing with it and start hiring some employees to help carry the load. Oh, but where to start? Hiring employees can be a bit of a daunting and time-consuming process, but a necessary one none-the-less.

By using our easy-to-follow guide to assist you with your hiring process, you will glide through it like a pro. In this article, we will highlight four key tips you cannot ignore or live without when hiring and scouting for new talent to join your company. Let’s get started!


#1 Keep Options Open

Keep Options Open - 4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time
Even if you are not looking to grow and hire more employees, it is a great tactic to nurture and grow a reliable base of contacts that you can approach when the time comes. Sure, sometimes you are looking to hire someone with a certain set of skills at a certain point in time, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be hiring anyone else for any other reason in the future. Keeping your options open means you will be able to tap into professionals you know and will be able to approach easily.


#2 Company Culture Should Not Suck

Company Culture Should Not Suck - 4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time
If you are looking for a great team, one employee, or just two employees to join your company, your company culture is what could make or break the deal for those who want to apply for the job. If you have an established culture for your company, that is aimed at ensuring employees are rewarded for their efforts, or offers great benefits and has a culture of transparency and understanding, you are more than likely going to get a load of applications, but more importantly, your employee turnover won’t be high.


#3 Question the Need to Hire

Question the Need to Hire - 4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time
If you are having doubts about whether or not you should hire someone, chances are you should rethink it altogether. Do some research and ensure this the right time and the right move for your company, and ultimately that you will be able to afford to hire an employee.


#4 Know What You Need

Know What You Need - 4 Vital Hiring Tips for Startups Looking to Hire Employees for the First Time
Always ensure you know exactly what your company needs when looking to hire and grow. Before simply putting an ad out stating ‘Startup in need of assistant’, you are going to have to narrow it down a little bit. Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and write down all the things this person should be doing, the qualities they should have, the experience they should have, and any qualifications, if necessary. This is not only great for structuring the ad that you are going to post, it is a perfect way to get the process started and preparing yourself for the next step, going through applications and interviewing.

We hope you have found our recruiting and hiring tips interesting but also helpful and that you will be hiring recruits when the time comes and your business grows. If you are worried about how to make important decisions, be sure to read this article. For more general startup tips, read our article here.

Why Every Business Will Need Private Investigators

private investigator header 1024x537 - Why Every Business Will Need Private Investigators

The average (and even the more unusual) business out there likely won’t have their own team of private investigators, will they? They might have a private detective they have hired from time to time but even that is going to be rare.

These days many businesses simply don’t think they’ll need private investigator services, so it just makes sense that many business owners won’t invest in them doesn’t it? But private investigators aren’t just for personal reasons like suspected cheating spouses or an alternative to the police when they’ve given up on a case.

A private detective offers a wide variety of services and many of them are focused on businesses. So, any business great or small can benefit from hiring private investigator services, from a qualified security team.

Many people have a very out-dated view of private investigators, just think about this for a moment when I ask you to picture a private detective what image comes to mind? Is it a man in billowing trench coat and hat sneakily taking photographs? Or at least something like that?

When it comes to private detectives public opinion and perspective are still very old-fashioned, at least to the majority of people. Which has led to many people thinking they simply aren’t needed in the business world, but you shouldn’t ignore the valuable services they offer. Let’s look at some of the main reasons today’s businesses can benefit from hiring a private detective.

The Benefits of Hiring Private Investigators

So, what are the benefits of hiring a private detective for your business you ask? Well, they aren’t all what you might think, because of the outdated view many people have of private detectives many people don’t realise the scope of services they offer.

It’s not all cloak and dagger and sneaky photographs, they can do much more than that. Let’s look at some examples of today’s private investigator services in more detail, shall we?

Fraud and Theft Investigation

This is one of the main benefits of using a private detective, fraud is a very real risk for businesses of all industries. But accusing someone of fraud especially if it’s one of your own employees or business partners is something you have to be absolutely sure of.

If you incorrectly accuse someone of a serious crime like this, you are going to damage a relationship with an employee and likely harm the reputation of your business. In short, you need to sure before making an accusation of fraud against someone.

Investigating a crime like this isn’t something you can do on your own but it’s also something the police won’t do unless you have a lot of evidence to support your claims. But with the help of a private detective, you can get any suspicious behaviour investigated, this can help supply you with the evidence you need if your suspicions are right.

And if you are wrong then there is no harm done is there? Only you and the private detective will know after all. Fraud isn’t the only crime a private detective can help you investigate either they can also help you when it comes to dealing with suspected theft from your business as well.

Background Checks

Private investigator services can help your business in many ways and one of the most beneficial services is that they can complete in-depth background checks for you. Background checks are a very useful service that many businesses will find incredibly useful.

Background checks aren’t just something for new employees either they can also be beneficial for any business partner you will be working with. If you suspect someone isn’t telling the truth, then running a background check through a private detective is the best way to find out.

You don’t need to be suspicious either many businesses will run background checks just to be safe and using private investigator services is the most efficient way for many businesses to do it. It might seem odd but if your business ever needs to run a background check calling your local private detective might be the best way to go about it.

Surveillance Services

Surveillance services can benefit many businesses and will usually be used in the conjunction with another service. For example, if you suspect someone working for you isn’t following through with their duties or is harming your business in some way then hiring a private detective to conduct surveillance is one of the most effective ways to gather evidence.

Surveillance is one of the classic skills we associate private detectives with, but it’s usually a lot less seedy than many people realise. Surveillance can be hugely beneficial for any business for a variety of reasons and going to a private detective is one of the best ways to get high-quality surveillance services.

Finding Private Investigator Services

So, how do you find professional private investigator services? Unfortunately, many people can claim to be a professional private investigator and unless you’re willing to thoroughly investigate them yourself it can be easy to get dubbed.

But surely you don’t need to hire a private investigator to run a background check on another one to be sure they are professional, do you? Of course not, the best way to ensure you are using a professional, experienced private detective is to use a professional security service business.

Many security services will have their own in-house team of private investigators. When you hire a private detective from a security services business you can be sure you are dealing with qualified professionals.

So, whatever services you need to utilise whether it be fraud investigation, background checks or any other service you can be sure a professional private detective is handling the case for you.

While it’s arguably true that private detectives today are a little less exciting than books, TV shows and movies represent them to be they provide a valuable service you won’t find replicated anywhere else. And businesses can benefit from hiring private investigators in many ways so get into contact with them if you ever need professional assistance.

The Smartest Ways You Can Increase Productivity is By Incorporating Our Top 4 Tips

The Smartest Ways You Can Increase Productivity is By Incorporating Our Top 4 Tips 800x600 - The Smartest Ways You Can Increase Productivity is By Incorporating Our Top 4 Tips

Sometimes there just does not seem to be enough hours in a day, right? Wrong. Most of the time perhaps, but a lot of the time a lot of people do not realize that they have not been managing their time correctly. There are multiple strategies one can easily apply to ensure a more productive and less stressful day, week, or even life at work.

With our smart ways to increase your productivity, you are definitely not going to feel that overwhelmed anymore, and you might even have some time to spare and spend on leisure activities. Let’s take a look at how exactly you can do this.


#1 Do Some Prep and Planning

Do Some Prep and Planning - The Smartest Ways You Can Increase Productivity is By Incorporating Our Top 4 Tips
Before you leave the office, draw up a list of all the things you should do the next day. If you want to do this smart, write them down in the order of their priority, so you know you start with the most important item immediately. You may find that some things you have to do can be carried over to the next day. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on the biggies.


#2 Focus and Concentration

Focus and Concentration - The Smartest Ways You Can Increase Productivity is By Incorporating Our Top 4 Tips
You should be on top of your game, at all times. Try to focus and avoid any possible distraction that could get in the way of you getting done what you need to get done. If you need an hour to finish off a pitch for a prospective client, shut off the phone, and focus for that time to get the job done. Do whatever you need to do to ensure you are not distracted.


#3 Avoid being a Juggler

Avoid being a Juggler - The Smartest Ways You Can Increase Productivity is By Incorporating Our Top 4 Tips
This is an easy trap to fall into when you are an entrepreneur or a startup owner. A lot of the times you will be required to wear the accounts hat, the HR hat, as well as the CEO hat all at once. If at all possible, focus on one aspect of your role at a time. Do not jump between tasks as this will only slow you down and you will more than probably end up feeling frustrated because you can’t get anything done. Making time for each task specifically and focusing on it is the best way to take care of business.


#4 Exercise is Food for your Brain

Exercise is Food for your Brain - The Smartest Ways You Can Increase Productivity is By Incorporating Our Top 4 Tips
Whether you go jogging in the morning before you go to the office, or go to the local gym during a lunch break, exercising is great for keeping your brain wired, fresh, and active. But exercising is also good for other things, like communication skills. Getting some exercise in will ensure you encourage and nurture good relationships with those you come into contact with during the day.

Of course, there are loads of other strategies and tactics on how you can increase productivity and better manage your time, but we hope that you have found our smart tips of great value and that you will be able to implement them straight away. For more interesting tips on how to increase productivity, read this insightful article.

snow%20business%20small - The Smartest Ways You Can Increase Productivity is By Incorporating Our Top 4 Tips
Infographic by: www.digitalstrategyconsulting.com

5 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Embrace and Encourage Personal Growth

5 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Embrace and Encourage Personal Growth 800x600 - 5 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Embrace and Encourage Personal Growth

A lot of people live their lives day-to-day, just getting by and doing the things they need to do to make ends meet. If you wish to have a truly fulfilled life,however, you should be willing to go the extra mile and focus on personal growth and development too. This is even more important for entrepreneurs and startup owners, as personal development can also have a positive impact on your business.

In this article, we will give you top tips on how you can encourage and embrace personal growth and start living a better life and reaping the rewards of success easily.


1. Master the Art of Time Management

Master the Art of Time Management - 5 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Embrace and Encourage Personal Growth
This is an important part of any entrepreneur’s life, being able to juggle a lot of things at once. If you are not able to manage your time you might be heading toward disaster. A great way to ensure you master time management is to start focusing your energy on important deal-breaker things in your business first, before dealing with something that does not share the same importance.


2. Continue Learning

Continue Learning - 5 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Embrace and Encourage Personal Growth
As an entrepreneur, you will need to sharpen your skills on a continuous basis if you want your business to succeed. Enroll for a course and learn something new every now and then, whether you want to know how to do your own accounting, or how to speak Mandarin to impress your new customers. Learning and sharpening your skills is an important aspect for both you and your business.


3. Make time to Read

Make time to Read - 5 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Embrace and Encourage Personal Growth
If you don’t have time to read more, make time. We know it might seem like a tall order, but you should have at least one hour a day that you can spend reading a new and interesting book. Not only is reading great for your brain, but it also allows you to expand your knowledge and assists with developing critical thinking skills.


4. Make time for Yourself

Make time for Yourself - 5 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Embrace and Encourage Personal Growth
Having a couple of minutes for yourself is key to personal growth. Whether you use this time for meditation and self-reflection, or just to dabble in a hobby, it is crucial not only for your personal growth but also for being able to quiet your mind and find some peace. This will enable you to apply this sense of peace in other areas of your life, that may be stressful.


5. Go to the Gym

Go to the Gym - 5 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Embrace and Encourage Personal Growth
Well, you don’t have to, but just focus on your health. Start eating healthy, do some exercise, whether you enjoy jogging, cycling, or yoga, get out and stay fit and healthy. Being at the top of your game will give you just that little bit of oomph you need to get you through anything life and business throws at you.

Now that you are inspired to be the best you can, and keep striving towards it, are you ready to make some changes in your life and start embracing change and personal growth? We hope that you are excited about trying out some of our top tips and applying it to your daily routine. For an interesting look at the relationship between personal growth and success, read this article. We wish you all the best in your business endeavor.

How to create a financial structure for your small business

20170622220056 GettyImages 508064993 - How to create a financial structure for your small business

Often, when you’re starting out in business, simply putting money in the bank is a huge achievement and represents your entire initial financial goal.

You’ll quickly realise that just having money in the bank doesn’t tick all the boxes that are required – especially not for HMRC – and that a more considered approach is needed if you want to be in full control of your business finances moving forward.

We’ll outline everything that’s needed to give your business a solid financial underpinning – so you can focus on making the products or services you provide the best they can be.

Book keeping

 Book keeping represents most of what you’re going to be doing financially on a day to day basis – and while that might sound like something that’s going to take up a lot of your time, in actual fact, a few minutes dedicated to maintaining money each day prevents a huge amount of time needing to be spent monthly – or even annually.

To make sure your book keeping is in order you should have the following:

  • A cash book

This is essentially a record of everything that comes in or goes out of the business money wise. Sure, you can do the same with your bank account – but keeping a cash book alongside it gives you an overview of your money that a bank account won’t.

There are some great tools online and available as apps that allow you to do this. You can categorise every transaction then glance back over them to see how much money you’re spending or receiving and which tasks or clients it’s allocated to.

In the future, a cash book can provide some great financial forecasting too – letting you know areas or times in which it may be worth adjusting your business practices for maximum return.

  • Receipts and invoices

You should keep receipts and invoices for literally everything you buy for your business – from vehicles to staples. It’s much easier to amass this information as you go – rather than having to spend sleepless nights putting it together when the HMRC request it.

  • Bank statements

Being in the habit of checking bank statements is a sure-fire way of maintaining financial health. The chances are that you’re going to find nothing out of the ordinary – but mistakes, fraud and other anomalies are possible.

Some of the most successful business owners make it a priority to know how their money situation looks on a day to day basis – and continue to do so even when the business grows to a place where dedicated staff can handle finances entirely. Understanding your spending habits is key to mastering them for maximum business impact.


When it comes to filing a tax return, having an accountant onside is vital – in fact, most will make or save your business more money than they cost, making it an easy decision to bring one on board. Although it often makes sense to find an accountant that’s close to you – an increasing number of online services are available – and virtually all of these provide video or telephone conferencing support and discussion.

Personal recommendation is the way most people find an accountant – and the way we’d recommend you go about finding one too. There’s a lot to be said for working with someone who understands you and your business, a good accountant should do both.

Bank account

It’s considered absolutely essential to have a business bank account when you’re starting up in business – doing so keeps your finances clean and uncomplicated.

In reality, if you’re set up as a limited company money that comes in is not personally yours – instead belonging to the business. As such, if the bank account that underpins your business has personal expenditure coming out of it, then your accountant’s job is going to be made much harder. Much harder for your accountant means more costly for you – so talk to your bank about getting a business account set up as quickly as possible.


Book keeping is a task that’s generally performed by just one person in the organisation – this is because different ways of working can often will often confuse systems, leaving you trying to make sense of messy financials.

To make the job as easy as possible for this person you should implement set procedures for how finances are handled. Need records daily? Set that expectation. Want people to scan and spreadsheet their expenses? Send them the spreadsheet and a ‘how-to’ of what you expect.

People have a tendency to think that money-matters handle themselves – which is very definitely not true. Don’t let employees dictate how much time and effort you end up putting into keeping finances neat and efficient.

Payment terms

When you’re starting out in business cash-flow is king – and with some businesses adopting a culture that seems to accept overdue payments as par for the course, you’ll need to run a tight ship to make sure you’re not caught out.

Invoicing software is extremely useful for this – and is often tied in to book keeping software and apps. Set clear payment terms and chase up invoices before this date – most applications have some kind of ‘reminder’ function you can use to keep the amount of time you spend on the phone to a minimum.

We always suggest asking businesses if there’s likely to be any issue for them that would prevent your invoice being paid on time. It’s not uncommon for big business red-tape to put barrier in the way – and accounts teams may be upfront about this. This knowledge obviously gives you the information you need to act accordingly, whether than accounting for any potential delay in your projections – or finding a client who’ll pay more promptly.

Options for finding capital

It never hurts to have knowledge about finance streams that may be open to your business – whether that’s investment, loans, crowd-funding, grants or many other possibilities.

While you might not be poised to agree to these options on a daily basis, you might find yourself in a position where quick expansion or market responsiveness is key to your business success – and if that’s ever the case, it’s helpful to know where you can access the funds that will help you to react.